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Since its founding in 2006, Swit Records has devoted itself to carrying out two acitivities in the world of jazz that only rarely go hand in hand. On the one hand, swit is an independent music label that releases the recordings of Ignasi Terraza, one of the outstanding pianists in Spain who is recognized worldwide, as well as other jazz musicians in our catalogue whose creative bent is appealing to us. And on the other, Swit Records works as a contracting agency, promoting our musicians and their projects, both in Spain and worldwide.

Miriam Guardiola /Manager /info@switrecords.com /cel.: +34 619316553 Ignasi Terraza /Artistic Direction /info@ignasiterraza.com /www.ignasiterraza.com / tel.: +34 934592307 Fernando Prats /CD designer Photographer /info@fernandoprats.com /www.fernandoprats.com Marc Tula/Web Design/tulaguardiolamarc@gmail.com

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